Some companies trust us and give us discount for us to "test" their services. 

If you want to complete the list and be part of this amazing adventure, contact us:

ANd of course, if you want more info about our experience with the listed companies, contact us as well!  ;-)

BALI - Tulamben
Do you like diving? Do you want to discover a nice wreck and sleep in a quiet place? So come and discover Aqua Dive Paradise.

Benefits:              - You'll get one dive master just for your group
                            - You'll go to the dive site on foot
                            - You'll eat delicious pancakes after diving!!!
                            - You'll feel like home when you'll be in the nice rooms and you can rest on the terrace!
                           - You'll have difficulties to find cheaper for the same services!!!

Tulamben Aqua Dive Paradise

BALI - Nusa Penida
Diving again!!! But this time to discover Manta Rays and Mola Mola (season depending). If you are a confirmed diver then go to Nusa Penida Dive Resort. There is current (that can be strong) and water is quiet cold!!! You also need to be autonmous, but if you feel comfi with all of this, then is place is for you!
The island is stil preserved from tourism so after diving you can easily rent a motorbike and go around the place to discover magic beaches!!!.

Benefits:                - The island is quiete, the coast is beautiful with some cliffs on one side and lovely beaches on the other side
                             - After diving you'll eat good indonesian food
                            - Rooms are nice
                            - If you don't see any Mantas the first time, your dive master will try his best to spot some for the second dive

Nusa Penida

INDIA - Jaisalmer
Spending a night (or more) in the desert, under the stars is something you want to try once in your life? Then, if you're in India, go for Abu Camel Safari! DOn't expect sand dunes everywhere... The Thar Desert is different: you will walk with your camel on a rocky ground with small trees, but you'll spend the night under the stars in the dunes!!! and that's really nice!
And if you decide to stay at Abu Safari Hotel, you will spend nice time with Abu!!!

Benefits:          - You'll have your own camel
                        - You'll have a small group to travel with
                        - You can choose "touristic tracks" or off beaten tracks
                        - The meals are really good
                        - You will forget everything when looking at the stars! 
                       - You can enjoy a shower for free after your safari
                       - Rooms of the hotel are very nice and very cheap!!


CAMBODGE - Battambang
You're looking for a special with your sweet heart??? Go to Emerald BB Hotel Battambang.

Benefits:          - A private jacuzzi in your room
                        - A nice and big room
                        - Very good value for money (25 dollars for the room with jacuzzi)
                        - good location
                        - The staff is friendly and will try to help you as much as they can

      BB Battambang

CAMBODGE - Phnom Penh
You feel suffocating in Phnom Penh? You need a quiet place where you can feel at home?? Book a room in Arun Villa . Chris, the owner OFFERED us 7 nights there!!! Thank you so much!

Benefits:          - The staff is more than friendly, they always have a smile for you, and a small word... 
                        -Chris is friendly, simple and open minded
                        - The rooms are beautiful, with a private terrace
                        - We liked the pool!!!! If it's too hot, just jump in!
                        - The breakfast is included and is good and big ;-)
                        - You can chill out at the bar while drinking a nice cocktails and savouring bruschettas


You like big animals and you dream about swiming with the biggest fish in the world? Come and book your whale shark adventure with Charter 1

Benefits:      - A great team

                    - Good meals
                   - Sparkling at the end
                   - Pictures and videos FOR FREE
                 - You can even try Stand up paddle and sea kayaking!!!


AUSTRALIA - Surfers Paradise
Australia rime with surf!! Why not try this sport with Brad?. He will give you great advices to stand on the board and if you don't feel courageous enough for the surf, he can teach you Taïchi...on the sand OR on a stand up paddle!

Benefits:      - Brad is nice and high qualified
                    - A lesson just for your need 
                    - A chocolate afterwards :-)
                   - Pictures on his website


You want a new haircut without spending a lot of money??? So go to Toni&Guy. Students will be very happy to play with your hair for a small amount but a great quality ;-)!!!

Benefits:      - Affordable price
                    - One happy student
                   - Your haircut "controlled" by a teacher (so no worries, it will be nice)

NEW ZEALAND - Kaikoura
Kaikoura is well known for its sper whales who live here all year around! It would be a pity not to stop there to see these water giants!!! We advise you to go with Whale Watch ?!

Benefits:          - A really friendly team who will know everything about marine life                                   - A huge boat where everyone has a good view
                        - A captain who will try to show you a lot of wildlife (we saw an orca in addition to a sperm whale) 
                         - 80% of your ticket will be refunded if you don't see any whale

CHILI - Santiago
Santiago is the gateway in Chile if you come from Easter Island, Mendoza i Argentina, and many more... So if you wanna spend a night (or 2, or 7) in a place where you can relax, or meet new friends, or both at the same time, CLH Suites Santiago is for you!

Avantages:      - A very friendly and smiling staff who will help you anytime for any request you have.
                        - A very affordable price, even UNBEATABLE if you stay in dorm
                        - Clean, spacious and clear rooms
                        - A complimentary breakfast... Really huge and delicious
                        - A kitchen and lounge where you like to chill out... or beat your neighbour in a billiard game
                        - A good location from where you can go almost everywhere on foot
                        - A big network of hostels where you can stay with some advantages


CHILE - San Pedro de Atacama
To visit the Unyuni salt flats, you have many options: either from Bolivia (Tupiza or Uyuni) or, like us, from San Pedro de Atacama. There are many travel agencies in San Pedro, so for an unforgettable experience, it is better to choose the right one. We went with Lithium Aventura (which made a discount for us)  but this time, we are only half happy with the service!

Benefits:          - Meals are good and quantities are enough
                        - You'll be almost alone, where you'll stop
                        - The car is in good condition 
                        - You'll sleep in a salt hostal (it is an extra if you book from Bolivia)

BUT:                - If you don't speak Spanish, the guide won't make any effort
                        - The guide/ driver will only drive and never share a meal with you
                        - There is a classic tour with the visit of 4 altiplanic lagoons. But with Lithium you'll probably go on another route (as we did...because of the majority in the car)... It was nice but not "unforgettable"
                        - They are more expensive than the majority of the agencies but if they are not full they will "transfer you" to another agency (maybe cheaper...)

GALAPAGOS - Santa Cruz, Puerto Ayora
Diving in the Galapagos is a must.... And to enjoy it fully it is important to choose a good diving centre. We advise you Academy Bay Diving in Puerto Ayora. 

Benefits:          - Equipment is in good condition
                        - Bottles are more than full
                        - Staff is really nice
                        - You'llget pictures and videos at the end of the day
                        - The boat is nice

GALAPAGOS - Santa Cruz, Puerto Ayora
To sleep, we found a little "cosy casa". You'll need to contact Johnathan at  +593 99 683 4674

Benefits:          - Clean room with TV
                        - Affordable price
                        - Kitchen where you can even make your own smoothie
                        - Johnathan and his family are really friendly and helpful
                        - The area is safe and quiet, and as there are only 3 rooms, don't worry it will be calm!

GALAPAGOS - San Cristobal, Puerto Baqueriso Moreno
Again about diving but on another island. The centre is called Cndy Sol but they don't have a webpage.To find them it is easy. From the port, if you have the ocean behind you it is on your right, in a small kiosk near the sleeping sea lions. 

Benefits:          - Equipment is in good condition
                        - Staff is really nice
                        - You'llget pictures and videos at the end of the day
                        - The boat is nice
                        - Great meals

MEXICO - Playa Del Carmen
We never stop... Diving, diving and diving again! This time we are heading to Playa Del Carmen where we dived 9 times with Diversity Diving!!! This small company is really nice!   

Benefits:          - Staff (Megan and Gustavo) is awsome, as it is a small structure they know you well and are super pros! 
                        - Equipment is in good condition
                        - They can organize different diving for you (Sharks, Cozumel, Cenote...)
                        - To go to Cozumel you don't need to take a ferry, they have a speed boat! 
                        - They don't do shark feeding but you have a good chance to see them anyway (we saw them on our both dives) 

MEXICO - Cancun
Are you bored??? We can't stop diving... This time (and the last for the trip, we go to Cancun where we dived 5 times with Scuba Total!!! Once again it is a small structure and for Cancun it is really rare!!! 

Benefits:          - Staff is really nice, and they take pictures
                        - Equipment is in good condition
                        - They can organize different diving for you (MUSA, Wrecks, Reefs)



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