Thanks to them for trusting in us!!!

If you want to have your name written here, feel free to contact us. And for more details, download ouf file for schools or the one for sponsors.

Axane has been developping Hydrogen Fuel Cells. It will allow to have electricity everwhere on the earth... That's future!


Innovative, and high quality shoes! Thanks KEEN to believe in us. We will be proud ambassadores of the brand.


Credit Agricole
Withe the "Globe Trotter3 Offer, we will be flexible during our trip!


Light My Fire
This swedish company is specialized in outdoor equipment and loves fire. We are one of the 7 finalists for the 2014 competition. We can win up to 3000€... but in any case we will use all Light My Fire equipment during our journey!!! 


Rite in the Rain
Something to write but it's raining? No problem, with the all weather Rite in The Rain Notebooks your stories are well protected.


Au Vieux Campeur
This small company offers great outdoors equipment and gave us 18% off on all products we bought there.


Chapka Assurance
Expert in travel insurrance, Chapka offers us 10% off on our contract.


Flo worked 2 years and 10 months at Crown Vogel AG in Switzerland. The Crown Cork & Seal company is a leader in metal packaging. Many thanks to my collegues for their support and good mood.... See you soon ;-) 


Go Girl
"Youpee" standing!! It's a small "equipment" for girls: You can pee like a boy: it means you can stay standing and do what you have to do :-) Take it, it's fabulous!!!


La Ludo Planète
It' a Frech association based in Beauvais (Picardie) which offers several activities bout games and plays. When we will come back, we will organise an event together about games in the world



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