Nickname :  Flo           
Age : 25flo
One word describing me : go-getter
One sentence I like : don’t dream your life, live your dreams…
My worst characteristic for the project: Obstinate...Sometimes is better to think before acting
My best advantages for the travel: Obstinate :D
One particularity : My shining smile
What motivates me: Discover new cultures, share time and passions with children... See amazing landscapes. Come back with new vision, new dreams and hopes...Just live an incredible experience.

What affraids me: find a spider or a scorpion in my bed, or no battery in my camera in front of something amazing....
What I will miss : My family, Pomme (our rabbit) and… French cheese….
What I won’t miss : The church’s bells ringing at 7.00 in the morning, political discussions and…always delayed trains !
What my firstname means : Free Lively Optimistic cRazy Irresistible  Adventurous Natural Energetic
For me, Romain is : My Piccolino
Why travelling with Romain: he is the only one able to support me 7/24 and it's only with him that I want to share this experience. Good moments and problems... During the past he stayed on my side when I was sick, that's why I'm sure we can do it! We are complementary: I'm spontaneous, he is thoughtful ; I'm extroverted; he is rather shy.

His best characteristic : His wisdom… Because I’m just the opposite !!!
His worst characteristic : His wisdom :D

 Nickname :  Piccolino        
Age : 27Romain
One word describing me : sporty
One sentence I like : Move forward until horizon and when you’re there, go ahead!
My worst characteristic : I don’t really like vegetables!!
My best characteristic: Calm
One particularity : I endure Flo every day!!
What motivates me: Discover new countries and cultures, meet nice people, live a great experience and leave the daily life.

What affraids me: strange things to eat, all kinds of insects, and wet clothes :-)
What I will miss : People I like, our Pomme, my striped pyjama
What I won’t miss : Flo’s moning clock which rings a 6.53 AM each morning, the Swiss German (I don’t understand anything)
What my firstname means : Reasonable Optimistic Modern  cAlm Idealistic Nomadic
For me, Flo is : My Sweetheart
Why travelling with Flo: She is sharing my life and I cannot imagine living this experience without her....and even more so because she is the one who gave me the curiosity for travelling.
Her best characteristic : Obstinate…I know she is capable to do this worldtour!
Her worst characteristic : She is stubborn : she refuses to be wrong !!!


  Both travel passionates, we already went abroad :
Flo : Mali February 2003 with the humanitarian association « Madomé », Germany February-September 2004, Burkina Faso August 2006 with the student association « Human’Iteem », Australia  July 2009 – February 2010
Romain : Spain 2005, Australia December 2009
Together : Ireland, Netherlands, Italy, Switzerland (where we live from August 2011), Germany, Austria, Belgium, Thailand… and soon several other countries !

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